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Bitmac (tarmac)

Bitmac is a mixture of aggregates (stone) and bitumen binder which forms either a base course or wearing course. A dense base course is normally laid between 50-60mm thick using 14mm or 20mm aggregate to provide a foundation. The wearing course can be laid between 30mm-40mm thick using a 6mm or 10mm aggregate, depending on the project.

(14mm dense bitmac base course)

(10mm bitmac wearing course)

Stone mastic asphalt (SMA)

SMA is durable surfacing material, designed for roads, commercial yards and heavily trafficked private driveways. The introduction of a heavier bitumen and fibres means it is a hard wearing material that copes well with the stresses from power steering on heavier vehicles.

Hot Rolled Asphalt

Hot Rolled Asphalt (HRA) is a dense mixture of aggregate, sand, filler and bitumen. Pre-coated chippings are rolled into form part of an HRA surface course, giving added strength, grip and decoration to the surface. HRA is ideally suited to roads and carparks, laid over a dense base course.

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